Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.18.35 amColours all have unique codes or numbers that help to get the exact match when printing or using them online. Depending on whether you are using the colour online or through a printing process, you will need to know different numbers.

Pantone is an internationally standardised colour matching system. PMS colour codes allow your printer and designer to match your colours across a range of media, regardless of the machine used to produce the item. Need super bright, fluro or metallic colours? Pantone colours are your best friend.

RGB is the exact blend of Red, Green and Blue that makes up your colour. RGB is used in the online world. These colours use a very broad spectrum with lots of vary bright possibilities. Whether it be your TV, computer monitor or mobile phone screen, all are using RGB to represent your colours.

CMYK is the exact blend of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black that makes up your colour. CMYK is also called Full Colour Printing is used in printing onto paper, vinyls and other similar materials. Fun fact…. the K stands for ‘Key colour’, meaning all the other colours are lined up (registered) to the Black.

Hex or Hexadecimals are simply RGB blends turned into a single combination of numbers and letters with a hashtag at the beginning. These are used by computers and the web to identify a particular colour.

Knowing your company logo colour codes is important. It helps you maintain brand consistency across the various platforms that your logo & branding and business cards are displayed. Ideally, you want your colours to display well across all platforms (i.e Print, Sign, Web, Embroidery, etc). Knowing your colour codes helps you with this. Want to know your colour codes? Contact us today and we can help you out!

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